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Who We Are

Parks Evolution strives to change the way business is communicated.  How? Through search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and content marketing. That’s how we help you to grow your business online. We are an Atlanta-based marketing services provider. We focus on clients who are looking for inbound lead generation, marketing automation and revenue tracking. Our clients see increased revenue and better understand return on marketing investment (ROI).

Marketing services include:

  • The overall goal of Parks Evolution is to help companies with online marketing through inbound lead generation, content marketing, and social media.
  • We use a comprehensive marketing toolkit. This  content development with SEO and keyword research and implementation, email marketing automation and social media strategies to help you find more leads and more success. Our marketing tools and processes are always evolving as communication and technology continue to develop.
  • Recently, we’ve added marketing automation platform options. These are dashboards that show areas of success, weakness, opportunities, and threats to your business. With our expertise in marketing and communications, we help read these dashboards and reports to quickly give you status reports and updates.
  • Some of our services include: marketing automation, content marketing, market analysis, competitive analysis, industry research, marketing strategy, content strategy, content writing, freelance writing, keyword optimization, SEO, content packages, social media plans, content audits, social media automation, report cards, and analytics.

Origin Story

Parks Evolution Origin Story

After working with two large engineering firms, I began to notice a similar pattern in the perspective the engineers had about their job, and how they saw the company.

They would describe technical details about their engineering practice, and how important these technicalities were to the bottom line of the company. It reminded me of looking at a leaf and talking in detail about the color of the leaf, the stem and the stipules.

As I met people in corporate offices and function heads, they described how crucial their function was to the company. Without human resources or information technology, no one could do business. These are the branches, and they hold all the leaves together.

When I met operations leads and top executives, they described their office or even their region. We have all of these functions and engineers, and together we create a tree full of branches and leaves. We are a stronger tree when we work together.

As I talked to more people and learned more about the companies, I saw the importance of all the leaves, the branches, the trees, but mostly I saw the companies as bigger than they could see themselves. My perspective allowed me to see an intricate ecosystems full of complex networks working together to achieve success, a PARK.

This is how the name and brand Parks Evolution came to life. Connecting ideas through networks to maximize growth. Parks Evolution is how we truly thrive.