Cat on a Cool-Looking Magazine

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My task for the day – write a blog post for STORsquare, a portable storage container company, who happens to be one of my first clients. (Shameless plug: Click to check it out – tell your friends.)

After researching competitors and industry trends, home staging kept coming into my radar. Also, I recently helped the STORsquare team create a postcard mailer about staging, so I knew it was a perfect topic.

As I procrastinated (sigh), I scanned my IG (Instagram) feed – I mean it is a part of my job.

That’s when I came across a gorgeous image of a fluffy cat laying on a cool-looking magazine entitled “Modern Farmhouse Style.” Cue ethereal music. I then clicked the profile, and it’s a local company who does, wait for it… home staging!

What what! Sisters Staging is a professional home staging businesses in North Fulton. Sisters Cheri Drake (who I had the pleasure of interviewing) and Nikki Cohen started the business to help sellers sell their home more quickly and with a higher price tag.

As Cheri put it, “We depersonalize people’s homes, so that it appeals to more buyers. You want someone to imagine themselves in the house. You want to make a buyer have to have it.”

I was stoked to talk to Cheri because she was immediately supportive when I reached out to her to guest blog for STORsquare. She tuned into the fact that I was another local businesswoman, and she was happy to help.

I was inspired by Cheri’s positivity and attitude towards success. Her ambition and motivation to build her business and ultimately help people sell their homes was encouraging.

Of course as a fellow female entrepreneur, I wanted to know about her challenges in business.

“Reining in ideas and staying focused on just a few priorities,” said Cheri. “I make a list of my top three priorities – staging, consulting and consoling. And then I stay focused on those areas. I think a lot of entrepreneurs are creative, and it’s easy for us to get swept away into a new idea.”

She also explained how connecting with clients and consoling them is a key part of her job. People don’t realize how many emotions are attached to selling a house.

Client connection and engagement is a big factor in any business. Keeping a positive and open attitude is important for success.

Inspiration is also an integral part of business. Cheri comes up with new ideas for staging houses by visiting open houses with her sister – something they’ve been doing since childhood. She also looks at magazines, like the amazing one I saw on her Instagram feed. She watches HGTV and DIY, and looks at Pinterest and Instagram for ideas.

“I also listen to people and always look for new trends,” she explained.

For business guidance, Cheri recommended Carrie Green’s “She Means Business” book and materials. (I have already placed my order on Amazon.)

Please check out Cheri’s guest blog on the STORsquare site, to 6 Ways to Depersonalize Your Home: A Home Stager’s Guide To Sell Your House for More.

Thanks to Cheri for an informative and energizing conversation about female entrepreneur empowerment. You can learn more about Sisters Staging at their website or on Instagram

The morale of this story is…you never know where a cat post may lead.